Our story

David Bell founded Diversified Equipment in 1968 to service the booming furniture, textile, and tobacco industries in North Carolina. The company grew steadily until his passing in 2018, upon which time his wife, Barbara, took over the family business. In 2020, the Bell Family sold Diversified Equipment to Kogi Capital, which rebranded to Kogi Environmental Solution in 2023.

Why choose KOGI

Our longevity is the reason! No other company has been cleaning industrial process air longer than we have. Our decades of experience make us the first choice in air pollution control among manufacturers, laboratories, industrial and commercial kitchens, educational facilities, workshops, garages, mines,
concrete plants, and grain storage and transfer facilities. Our staff of application specialists have seen it all.

Our commitment to a cleaner environment

Good luck retaining employees if you are not keeping their breathing zone free of smokes, mists, and dusts. Keeping the air clean is good for your employees, good for business, and good for the environment.

Experience and expertise in pollution control

Our reputation attracts the best talent in the industry. Our workplace culture of independence and trust retains those application specialists who are true masters of their craft. Every application specialists checks-in with their colleagues before they make a recommendation to a customer to make sure nothing was missed. When working with KES, you are working with all of us.

Client-focused approach to pollution control

We obsess over how to capture and treat your process air so that it doesn't make a mess of your facility or harm your employees' health. We also work with customers at their pace. We know these projects could take a long time. It's okay -- we've been here since 1968 and we plan on being here forever, ready when you are.

Results-driven strategies for pollution management

The marketplace for air pollution control solutions is constantly evolving. We stay on top of the latest technologies to offer you the solution that meets your needs and budget. Not every application needs bells & whistles, but we have them if you need them! Our focus is on drawing upon our wealth of experience to get it right the first time.

A dedicated team of professionals

Our job is not done once the project is delivered. Our team of service professionals is there to work with your maintenance team to ensure our products work as designed forever. Planned obsolesce is not our business model. Our products can last forever with proper preventative maintenance and our team of service professionals is there to make sure you never experience downtime. We know downtime is not an option for you, which is why it is not an option for us.

Working with top OEMs

We collaborate with leading OEMs such as Parker Hannifin, Air Quality Engineering, Absolent, Industrial Maid, Halton, Spring Air, ACT, and more. All the brands we represent are known for their high-quality products. When selecting the right solutions, we consider your specific process needs.
    • Woodworking / Wood products
    • Metal fabricating / Machining
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Government
    • Technical schools
    • Restaurants
    • General manufacturing
    • Building materials
    • Food and beverage
    • Electric vehicle battery manufacturing
    • Chemical processing
    • Electronic manufacturing
    • Paper and pulp

Expanding westward and beyond

Currently, our customer base is predominantly located in the Eastern United States. We are eager to expand our reach from coast to coast, aiming to establish a nationwide presence. Following this expansion, our next goal is to venture internationally, starting with Canada.