OEM certified technicians

Our Service Professionals are factory trained and certified to work on all the brands of air pollution control equipment we sell. With proper care, these machines are designed to last forever. We offer preventative maintenance programs so that the care and uptime of your equipment becomes our responsibility – not yours — allowing you and your team to focus on revenue-generating activities. We’ll service equipment we didn’t sell you too. If you inherited a mist collector, a dust collector, a baghouse, an oxidizer, a wet scrubber, or a compressed air dryer that is acting up – we’ll be able to diagnose and solve the issue for you.

Air quality monitoring

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you must address the dust and mist in your production facility. We’ll inform you if you are within permissible levels per OSHA and EPA regulations. Our cost-effective air quality assessments outline what must change to get you back within compliance.

OSHA compliance

The Occupational Health & Safety Act (OSHA) is a United States federal law that, among other things, regulates indoor air quality for all workplaces. Ensure OSHA compliance with proper ventilation and building care to prevent indoor air quality issues. OSHA regulates air quality, ventilation, and airborne contaminants, providing guidance through specific standards and interpretation letters.

Baghouse service

Our Baghouse Services include inspections, testing, installations, refurbishments, start-ups, and rebuilds. Expert inspections ensure your system meets business objectives, protecting your investment and maintaining peak performance.

Electric motor repair

We provide comprehensive electric motor repair services, ensuring your industrial equipment operates efficiently. Trust our expert team for quick, reliable maintenance and repair, keeping your high-performing motors running smoothly.

Fan balancing

Our fan balancing services ensure optimal performance for industrial axial fans, used for exhaust, fresh air supply, and cooling. Designed for large air volumes at low pressure, fans come in direct and belt-driven models with materials tailored for specific applications.

Installation services

At Kogi Environmental Solutions, we provide high-quality installation services for mist collectors, dust collectors, and ducting, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your equipment.

Delegated design services

Installing a new production line? Want to reimagine your current air pollution control system? Is your current system undersized? Give us a call. We’ll ask a few questions about your process (what is in the smoke or mist, how many pick-up points, how many shifts do you run, etc.) to help us generate a recommendation for you. We may need to schedule a site visit to get eyes on the process. Our recommendation would be tailored to your needs. We could supply just the collector or provide a turnkey solution, including ductwork and installation. Our team of application specialists do this every day – we’ll be able to answer your questions very quickly.

Duct design

Send us a sketch of your facility, and we’ll send you a 3D drawing of our recommended duct design, a bill of materials, and a quote. 

Kitchen emission systems

Our Kitchen Emission Systems offer innovative ventilation solutions for food processing facilities, ensuring high hygiene levels. Proper air handling prevents contaminants and odors, addressing common issues in residential areas and maintaining clean, safe environments.