Oil and mist collectors

Efficiently remove oil mist and smoke from machining processes, ensuring a cleaner and safer workplace. Our advanced oil and mist collectors enhance air quality, reduce equipment maintenance, and comply with environmental standards.

Dust collectors

Dust collectors are crucial for air pollution control and employee health. They efficiently capture and filter harmful particles and fumes from manufacturing processes, improving air quality in warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments by releasing clean air back into the workplace.


Industrial ductwork designed for dust collection systems ensures optimal airflow and durability. It minimizes resistance from turbulence and friction, effectively carrying airborne contaminants. Essential for maintaining clean air in industrial environments.

Industrial nitrogen generators

Nitrogen Generators provide on-demand, high-purity nitrogen, eliminating the need for delivered supplies. They ensure consistent purity, controlled pressure, and flowrate, minimizing production downtime and inconvenience.

Air compressors and dryers

Air Compressors and Dryers remove water vapor from compressed air, preventing condensation, corrosion, and microbial growth. Essential for maintaining air quality and system efficiency by ensuring dry, clean air.

Vehicle exhaust systems

With innovative technologies and sustainable practices at the core of our approach, we offer comprehensive solutions to mitigate the harmful emissions generated by vehicles and welding processes. From cutting-edge exhaust filtration systems that significantly reduce pollutants emitted by vehicles to advanced ventilation and filtration solutions designed to efficiently capture and purify weld fumes, we are your partners in building a more sustainable future. Join us in our mission to drive positive change, ensuring the air we breathe remains fresh and free from pollution hazards.

Blast rooms

High-quality blast rooms, available in bespoke and standard configurations, feature exceptional components from leading suppliers. They minimize risk, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and ensure cleaner, safer equipment for guaranteed project success.

Finite filters

Finite compressed air filters are high-quality filters designed to remove contaminants from compressed air. They are used in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and healthcare.

HVAC filters

A variety of air filters for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Their range includes pleated, extended surfaces, panels, and specialty filters. These filters capture and remove dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and other airborne particles, ensuring cleaner and healthier indoor environments.

BHA filters

BHA’s wide range of filtration solutions caters to various industries and applications. From high-efficiency cartridge and baghouse filters to pulse-jet filters, BHA offers a comprehensive portfolio that addresses diverse filtration needs. These filters are engineered to capture and remove harmful particulate matter, ensuring cleaner air and a safer environment.

After-market replacement parts

We stock and sell replacement parts for the OEMS we represent.


Our detergents are engineered for critical process cleaning, effectively removing residues in manufacturing industries. They ensure surfaces are clean, reducing contamination risks and meeting stringent trace residual limits.